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Works with Photoshop CS3, CS2, CS, 7,6, 5.5; Elements 1,2, 3, 4.
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Silver IR Filter: Presently compatible with Photoshop CS, 7, 6; Elements 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; when used with: Win 98SE, Win2k, XP; MAC OSX .

Using the filter as part of a process, you can take an RGB image and produce results that emulate the look of IR images. (See the examples below.)

The filter give you a large amount of the contol over the final image tonality. The image is broken down into the IR signature components (grass, trees, bushes) and the Non IR component (buildings, people etc). The sliders control the amount of the IR look and you can select between Tri-X tonality or Classic tonality for the Non IR component.

This is an advantage when people are in the picture.

After the filter then you use the Photoshop Distort Glow filter to finish the picture to give the glow common to the lack of anti-halation backing in IR films.


The algorithm employed is very complex and therefore this filter will NOT necessarily produce good results on Every image.

This filter is part of a process, it is not a one stop filter. The process is iterative and steps should be saved between iterations.

There are three sliders for varying what is included in the IR emulation and what is excluded. The fourth slider allows you to offset the IR brightness. There are two sliders for the TriX application to the Non IR, and one slider for the brightness value of the Classic IR for Non IR content.

Below are samples. The Finished product has several intermediary steps. See the details page to see an example of the process.

Color Image Finished - at end of process
All Images use the Photoshop, Filter, Distort, Glow filter.This used the Classic mode for Non IR.
Below: Use of Classic for Non IR emulates the look of the red filter associatd with taking IR pictures.
Below: The use of the TriX emulation allows the tonal qualities of the Non IR components to be adjusted
Below: Even after doing the process, the final picture shown is not perfect and rework would be needed to improve it
Below: After doing IR conversion use of Level to enhance the contrast can be important to the final image
Above shows the classic filter(red) effects and below shows a Tri-X look to the Non IR.